Dear Madam, dear Sir,
InternetGallery offers you the chance to win valuable artwork at a very small stake. Any of the pictures exhibited for sale in the InternetGallery can thus be raffled.
The rules are simple. This is one example for a raffle:
Take the painting by Claudia Cap, Composition #3, 1973, oil on paper, 600x400 mm, which is available at 486 Euro, resp. 950 DM, catalogue reference CC3.
The stake for this picture is 1/10 of its price, thus 95 DM. In case you are interested to take part in the raffle, please contact InternetGallery. You then just enter your name and address plus the catalogue reference or the title of the painting, on our order form. In the section "your order" please select "lotto option" (to be found under "please send me first"...) and enter the sum of your stake (in this case 95 DM) in the place where the price is to be mentioned. We will then send you a voucher for this sum, after which you will transfer the money to our account. You do, of course, have the possibility to end your participation and reclaim this sum any time, as long as no raffle has taken place. However, as soon as 10 people interested in this particular painting have sent us their stake, the raffle for this painting will take place. Thus, with a bit of luck and at little cost you too may become the owner of this painting.
We wish you good luck!

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