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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

thank you very much for your interest in InternetGallery. Our gallery is an internet project in its initial stage, and we aim at setting up a commercial gallery for contemporary art in the world wide web.We attach great importance to including only unique specimen of high artistic value in our collection.

We would thus first like to form an idea of your artworks and for this reason kindly request you to send us photos, resp. slides or JPEG-files for our information. This should give us a chance to find out if we can include your works in the InternetGallery. Please also add short descriptions of your artworks, stating title, year, technique(s), dimensions and price.

There are some few regulations for artists whose pictures we do not buy but for whom we work as agents:

1. Presentation. Artworks that are presented and offered for sale by our gallery should be exclusively reserved for us at least 6 months. The presentation is free of charge. However, we do not accept any links. We kindly ask your comprehension of the fact that we offer artworks only in our own name. To present artworks we need respective copies and descriptions, as mentioned above. For a presentation of the artist we require an image of you as well as your short biographical sketch (any articles or reviews that can be placed at our disposal are also welcome).

2. Purchase. If there is a potential buyer for your artwork we will inform you immediately. You will then have to keep the artwork ready for the sale. We will charge a commission of 20% on your sales price for selling a piece of art. (10% on prices of DM 5.000 and higher). This commission covers the costs for packaging, transport and administration.

3. Cooperation. Our aim is to acquire a good reputation and have satisfied customers, and we advertise our gallery world-wide. We thus like to ask you to inform us immediately on any decisions as to cooperation with our gallery or any possible changes (prices, address etc). We will, in turn, keep you informed on anything concerning this gallery which could be of relevance to you.

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