Andrey Vistavnoy

Andrey Vistavnoy was born in 1965 in a far Siberian village. He graduated from Elementary Art School in Omsk and entered the Teacher training college in the faculties of Graphic Arts and Painting. His further biography is typical of many talented artists in Russia. Not wanting to paint in according with the norms of Socialist Realism he left the college and started a life full of deprivations. Since 1989 he has painted, creating mostly abstract works. His first official personal exhibition took place in the gallery "Delta" in St.Petersburg in 1998. A. Vistavnoy as well as another member of the abstractionist school, Mikhnov-Voitenko, could be called a romantic abstractionists. Looking at the paintings of A. Vistovnoj you could say they have been created by the hands of a poet.

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